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International Women's Day #BreakTheBias

8 Mar 2022

We've come together to share their thoughts on #BreakTheBias, gender equality and the importance of celebrating International Women's Day.

What does break the bias mean to you?

"Break the bias, means to me, breaking stigmas around working women." Emily Schweitzer

"I think it's gone further than being deep rooted to actually focusing on unconscious bias, to make sure everybody has equal opportunities." Laura Henderson

"It's important to recognise that women are as strong and can work as hard and can achieve the same things that men can achieve." Lydia Watt

"Break the bias means getting rid of assumptions, for example, assuming a construction worker is a man when they could be a woman." Libby Hendry

"It's ridiculous that in a time when 50% of humanity is female that we still have to have this debate but unfortunately we do. There is still a huge amount to do to make everything as equal as it should be." Gordon Tempest-Hay

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

"When we don't celebrate it anymore, we will forget about the sweat and tears that so many women went through to get us to a point of equality." Eva Murphy

"All women are different and it's important that we not only celebrate our differences but also the paths we take." Margarita Kouklaki Ntourou

"Women have more barriers they have to climb and more obstacles to overcome, it's important to recognise what needs to happen to make the world a more equal and fair place." Nicolas Vandenborre

"It celebrates the social, cultural, political and economic successes of women and also reminds us of how far we have come but also how far we still have to go." Laura Henderson

"As long as there's so much in the world that needs changing and so much that we need to improve, we need International Women's Day. We need to support it, we need to promote it and we need to get behind it." Tony Langham

How does Lansons tackle gender bias?

"I think Lansons is a place that has probably broken the bias." Mitchell Cohen

"The two of us who started Lansons, Clare Parsons and I, built a company that was run by men and women and never had gender bias within it. It's never had gender bias - we've created a culture, that I don't know if it's unique to us but it's a special culture." Tony Langham

"Lansons is a company that proudly champions women at all stages of their career. They openly encourage women to be confident inside and outside of work." Laura Henderson

Has society done enough to erode gender bias?

"The moment that you think progress has been achieved to the point where nothing else can be done, you're stalling and that's when you're starting to go backwards." Eva Murphy

"You do still come across gender biases in day to day life." Beki Elmer

"There has been some progress but in lots of other walks of life, for different people around the world, I don't think there has been enough progress." Nicolas Vandenborre

"As a white woman, I have almost equal opportunities now. But it's easier as a white, able-bodied, privileged woman than say anybody of colour or not able-bodied. So, I think until all women of all backgrounds have the same opportunities, we haven't achieved sufficient gender equality." Imogen Naldrett

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