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Coping with COP
The Dubai Edition

A smorgasboard of sustainabiltiy need-to-knows and nice-to-knows, from a history of COPs in emojis, to a who's who of the debate shapers. 


If one goal post is the Paris Agreement, and the other is the pretty vital milestone of 2030, then COP28 is the half-way line.

It’s been two years since Glasgow. Two years of progress – give or take – in the transition to Net Zero. And two more years of scientific and technological developments, grand political commitments and tricky truths on how quickly we’re set to pass 1.5 degrees of warming (which, to be clear, is not great).

This is not exhaustive. It’s more Yoda’s little finger than Yoda. More canapé than tomahawk. It aims to cover, snippet-style, the need-to-knows and nice-to-knows heading into the next round of climate negotiations in Dubai. We’ll cover the story, science, people and context behind the COPs, and what matters in the next few years. Because they matter, a lot. 

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