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Brexit Six Months On

1 Jul 2021
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Expert panel: Vicky Pryce, The Rt Hon David Gauke and Professor Anand Menon will assess how it’s gone so far – and what needs to happen to make Brexit a success.

On January 1st 2021, after the agreement of a Christmas Eve deal with the EU, the UK left the transition period and Brexit became and economic as well as diplomatic reality. This has caused challenges and disruption to UK trade and businesses, distinct from the pandemic; it has also resulted in ongoing strain on the UK’s geopolitical influence and relationships. However, it has also provided a chance to set rules which work for the circumstances of our businesses and to create new opportunities further afield for trade and international collaboration.

In Brexit Six Months On, Lansons Board Director James Dowling hosts an expert panel including Professor Anand Menon, Director of the UK in a Changing Europe, David Gauke, former Secretary of State for Justice, and leading economist Vicky Pryce. The panel will consider the possible future opportunities for businesses and potential pathway for government after the challenges of the past six months.

In this live session we will:

  • Consider how government can address the challenges posed by Brexit
  • Examine the potential opportunities that Brexit can give for government and businesses
  • Reflect on how different industries and policymakers can make the most out of Brexit
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