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Purpose in a year of ESG

29 Apr 2021
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Partnership event with The Financial Services Forum

Whatever area of business you’re in, it’s the “year of ESG”, where companies are increasingly judged by their Environmental, Social and Governance behaviour.

To Governments and civil society, this translates as wanting and expecting companies to do the right thing, in all circumstances. Many companies are hearing this, and instead of waiting to be forced by laws, regulations and public pressure, are defining what the “right thing” means to them and pressing ahead themselves. They are defining or re-stating their “purpose” and then, they claim, living by it. Organisations that jump on the bandwagon risk facing accusations of purpose-washing, greenwashing and hypocrisy from media, NGOs and ordinary people. Lansons belief is that, for everyone, 2021 is “the year of ESG” and all businesses need to address where they stand and how others see them. It is, if nothing else, a reputation and communication issue.

  • Pernille Sahl Taylor, Chief Communications Officer, Handelsbanken
  • Graham Lloyd, Director of Strategy Performance and Sustainability, Nationwide Building Society
  • Dr James Wilde, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Phoenix Group

Chaired by Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Lansons

This is a partnership event with The Financial Services Forum.

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