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Translating Purpose into a "Blueprint" for Positive Action

25 Nov 2021
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Lansons has partnered with The Financial Services Forum to host an exclusive online event, open to non-members of the Forum.

Purpose is a cornerstone of reputation.
But stating purpose and being purposeful are not the same thing.

In the last 18 months, use of the term “purpose-washing” has grown. World events like the pandemic and COP26 have accelerated demand for organisations to show how their actions help the world. There is also a sharpened focus on those who say they do, but don’t.

The ‘purpose gap’ between words and action is where many come unstuck. It is also where purpose can have the greatest, transformative impact.

In 'Translating Purpose into a "Blueprint" for Positive Action', Lansons' Director and Head of Marketing Communications, Claire Southeard hosts Sally Allan, CMO at Wealthify, Robin Nuttall, Partner and specialist in ESG at McKinsey, and Suzanne Ellis, Director and Head of Communications for Change and Transformation at Lansons.

The panel will explore the relationship between the why and the how of purpose, its relationship with ESG, and the value of getting both right. We will hear from those who are successfully living their organisation’s purpose through action, as well as practical tips and ‘watch out’s’ for bridging the purpose gap.

This is an FSF and Lansons partner event, open to non FSF members.

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