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384,300 meals for our charity of the year, The Felix Project

13 Oct 2022
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Making a positive contribution to society is at the very heart of everything we do. Every year since our inception we’ve donated 1% of our profits to a charity, chosen by our people. Over the past 2 years we’ve supported The Felix Project, a charity on a mission to help fight hunger and food waste.

We couldn’t be happier to share the news that since September 2021, we have raised £63,000 for The Felix Project, which equates to a huge 384,300 meals for those in need.

A big shout out to our passionate cross-agency charity team who have dedicated their time to fundraising and volunteering, whilst rounding up the troops for sponsored runs and activities. And a special thank you to everybody who has supported the Lansons charity, we absolutely couldn’t have done this without your generosity.

This month, we say our goodbyes (for now) to The Felix Project as we embark on a new year, with a new charity and a new cause.

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