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Lansons Media Live: BBC’s Eleanor Lawrie and Amanda Evans

11 Aug 2020
Read: less than 1 minute

In Conversation with BBC News reporter Eleanor Lawrie (Business Technology) and Amanda Evans, business producer and 50:50 Equality Project super champion.

Eleanor and Amanda will be talking to us about:

– Championing the BBC’s 50:50 project to increase representation in BBC content
– Main areas of focus in the Business team – themes, topics and issues
– The impact of Covid-19 on content and ways of working
– How they like to work with PRs and spokespeople

We are delighted to have Iona as our guest for a webinar on Wednesday September 9th at 9am. Together we will be discussing:

  • Her views on young people and finances
  • The real impact of the Covid crisis and how life has changed
  • What the next year looks like as the UK braces for the longer term impact of the pandemic
  • How brands and PRs can best work with her
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