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Lansons transforms ownership

3 Mar 2022
Agency News

For over 26 years we have invited new partners, from account director to board level, to participate in Lansons’ growth. This year, our co-founders have sold over half their holding, with all other partners offered an increased holding. Lansons is owned by 33 partners - well over one third of the agency.

27 people that work at Lansons, led by long term senior leaders Laura Hastings, Rebecca Mayo and Stuart Graham, have bought a further 44% of the consultancy from Co-founders Clare Parsons and Tony Langham and transformed the ownership of the leading reputation management consultancy. As a result of the transaction the two co-founders now each own 12% of the firm (which is a Limited Liability Partnership – LLP), with colleagues owning the majority.

Recently joined Chief Executive Gordon Tempest-Hay will become a partner with a significant stake this year, reducing Langham and Parsons’ stakes further.

Executive Chair and Co-founder Tony Langham said “After over 30 years running the firm and owning a majority stake, Clare and I worked with our senior colleagues to transform the business and give Lansons a platform for major success over the next decade. Gordon has joined and is transforming the firm’s leadership and strategy. We’ve overhauled the firm’s governance, but the key was to also transform ownership. The LLP is now owned by 33 people, with no individual owning more than 20% - we believe in responsible inclusive capitalism and have tried to deliver that with these changes”.

He added “This also means that when Gordon is looking to recruit senior talent to the firm over the coming months, he will be able to offer the prospect of significant ownership to future colleagues”.

On behalf of the senior team, Joint Managing Director Laura Hastings said “The business was founded on a true sense of partnership, and we’ve always believed that our breadth of ownership means we are more closely tied to both our people but also the success of our clients. It’s fantastic so many partners have taken up the opportunity to own more of the business as we enter this exciting new chapter for Lansons.“

The 27 partners purchasing shares in the LLP include six new partners : Claire Southeard, James Dowling, Sarah Muir, Lewis Wilks, Mitchell Cohen and Emma Read. Langham said “It’s always a special moment when we welcome new partners and each of the new six make a significant contribution to Lansons’ business”.

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