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Lansons wins with LSEG at PRWeek Corporate Affairs Awards

17 Apr 2024
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We are delighted to win PRWeek's 'Best Handling of a De/Merger or Acquisition Deal' for our work with the London Stock Exchange Group.

This award recognises the best handling of a de/merger or acquisition deal from a communications perspective. Demonstrating strategic insight, effective stakeholder management and how the work transformed the client’s reputation post-deal.

PRWeek Corporate Affairs Awards
The Work:

In 2021, the London Stock Exchange Group acquired Refinitiv for $27bn, forming a new Corporate Affairs and Marketing (CAM) function with 400 members. Led by a new leader, CAM underwent a practitioner-led transformation to align teams and streamline operations. Lansons, with partners Fourtold and advisor David Wheldon OBE, played a key role in breaking down silos, eradicating duplication, and aligning priorities with business needs. The reset of LSEG’s CAM function challenges the assumption that change projects are the sole purview of management consultancies. It demonstrates that corporate affairs and marketing professionals have a valuable and unique role to play in the transformation of big business; both how it is communicated and how it is done.

“This stands out not just for the quality of the work and evidence of impact but for me, it is a vote of confidence about the opportunity for our industry to tap into the management consultancy space.”

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