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The Biden Administration and Global Britain

27 Jan 2021
Read: less than 1 minute

Seven days into his Presidency our expert panel examine the domestic and international challenges facing Joe Biden and what his administration means for the UK.

After the most turbulent transition of power in the recent history of America and seven days into the new administration, our international panel examine the challenges facing Joe Biden and what his inauguration means for the UK.

Our panel includes Bill Black, Program Director at The Conference Board alongside representatives from Opinium Research Polling Division, Lansons and Lansons Intermarket (New York).

Chaired by Lansons Board Director and former Conservative Special Adviser, James Dowling, the event will cover:

  • The prospect for a UK/US trade deal?
  • Which UK sectors have the most to gain of a UK/US trade deal?
  • What is the outlook of the new administration both home and abroad?
  • What will be the future of American Democracy?
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