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Lansons is the first corporate partner for Postpartum Plan

20 Mar 2023
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We recognise how vital pre and post-partum support from employers is, so we’ve evolved our parental package to further support and nurture those who choose to become parents.

All Lansons people embarking on their journey through parenthood will have membership to the online resource centre Postpartum Plan as part of a new parental policy package.

Founded by Lansons Alumni Meg Murray Jones, Postpartum Plan provides support for soon-to-be and new parents, for birth and beyond. The resource centre allows members to access 24/7 expert advice on mindset, movement, nutrition and back to work coaching.

On a mission to revolutionise postpartum care, Meg Murray Jones explains

Companies have traditionally given time off which is great to bond with the baby, but this doesn't always equate to emotional and physical recovery, which all new parents so desperately need. I want all parents to return to work strong, supported and fully recovered and that is what Postpartum Plan provides through its online resources, live sessions and access to postpartum experts.

I am delighted that Lansons was the first company to sign up to Postpartum Plan's employee benefit offering. It really shows Lansons' ability to promote and support small business as well as pioneer supporting working parents in a more equitable and individualised way. I look forward to supporting many more Lansons' employees in their postpartum journey

Meg Murray Jones Postparum Plan
Meg Murray Jones
Founder of The Postpartum Plan, and member of Lansons Alumni

We’re delighted to be partnering with Postpartum Plan in supporting working parents beyond the first year, as well as supporting an Alumni business.

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