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Encounters: In conversation, Tony Langham with Nicola Green, social commentator and artist

5 Nov 2020
Read: 4 min

The Encounters series is a ground-breaking art project by world renowned portrait artist Nicola Green.

The project started over 10 years ago when Nicola Green was struck by a new era in our collective history. It was in the aftermath of 9/11 that many of the worlds religious leaders began to meet with one another in discussion, and begin to publicly articulate their respect for other faiths without undermining the absolute truth of their own beliefs.

Over a decade Nicola had unprecedented access to intimate meetings between religious leaders and what was born out of that experience and insight was Encounters –an artwork of 30 portraits, that represents hope for the future and leadership. According to scholars, never in history has an art work encompassed all of the world’s religious leaders, and without hierarchy.

Two years ago, on behalf of Lansons, Clare Parsons and Tony Langham commissioned 8 original pieces. The 8 artworks specifically made for Lansons are titled “Encounter Ducere” which is the Latin word for Leadership. On the name and selection of the 8 works Nicola said:

“You have 8 that we chose to reflect the global leadership. So, these 8 were chosen very much to have the religions that are most represented in the world, but also to represent most of the world and their cultures.”""

The emphasis on leadership and inclusivity is reflective of Lansons, in the work we do with our clients, empowering them through powerful communications that position them as leaders within their sector; and in how we position ourselves within our own industry – on a mission to evolve the communications industry to be more diverse and inclusive.

The 8 artworks are proudly displayed in our reception and we hope in time our colleagues, clients and visitors can enjoy them whilst knowing the important meaning behind them. You can read more about the Encounters project at:

About Nicola Green

Nicola Green has established an international reputation for her ambitious projects that change perceptions about identity and power; exploring themes of race, spirituality, gender, and leadership. Green is renowned for gaining unprecedented access to iconic personalities from the worlds of politics, religion, and culture, including collaborations with President Obama, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama and Elle MacPherson.

Driven by her belief in the power of the visual image to communicate important human stories, Green chooses to assume the role of ‘witness’ to significant occasions taking place across the globe. Inspired by her own mixed-heritage children and multi-faith family, she creates and preserves religious, social, and cultural heritage for future generations. Recording these events as they happen, and investing thousands of hours of academic and artistic research, she builds and curates substantial archives. It’s this meticulous process that gives all her work its intellectual foundation.

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