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Our thinking is global – as is your reputation

17 Nov 2020
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“The events of 2020 have reinforced the primacy of communications”, according to Arun Sudhamaran, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of industry publication Provoke. To build, defend and manage reputation globally, requires a global approach to communication.

Being in London always called for a global outlook on the world, especially in Lansons’ heartland of financial services. While organisations are not always global by presence, they certainly are in their thinking, investment approach and perspective on economies across the world. This global thinking has been the foundation of advising clients successfully for over 30 years.

Building diverse teams and our recent expansion into New York, becoming Lansons Intermarket, are two ways to be international, relationships and sharing insight, knowledge and best practice with industry leaders from other jurisdictions another. This is why we have been part of and held active roles in two industry networks of independent agencies for over 15 years, PROI Worldwide and Global Communication Partners (GCP).

“The best way to overcome the challenges that the future holds is to share what we know.” This is how the industry body PRCA formulate the power of cross-border collaboration and they are right.

Long-standing, trusted relationships help address pressing issues; local knowledge of relevant markets is imperative to overcome cultural differences and roll out campaigns successfully across various countries and regions; and ultimately build a consistent reputation among multiple audiences irrespective of the country they’re based in.

People that have worked together, understand each other.

As a group of like-minded agencies, our clients gain access to the fresh minds of our brightest new talent, long-standing experience and knowledge of experts and entrepreneurial spirit and drive of owner run businesses. Our close-knit relationships mean we facilitate exchanges on the ground for deeper learning which makes our consultants better, more globally minded and acutely aware of cultural differences.

During the first week of October, Lansons gathered (on this occasion virtually) with all our global network partners for our annual meetings during the GCP AGM and PROI EMEA meeting. During these vibrant exchanges of expertise, ideas and creativity, international cooperation and collaboration to satisfy global client needs, sharing best practice and establishing relationships with other independent agencies across international markets that share Lansons’ thinking and culture is the focus for a few days with everyone in one room, irrespective of location and time zone.

Being all independent agencies matters.

Arun Sudhaman, highlighted in an interview at the GCP global conference the performance or rather outperformance of independent agencies, owing to their agility and the ability to respond quickly to changing external and internal factors. This matters to clients and the success of the work we deliver when building global reputations.

In the whirlwind of events in 2020 Brexit may have moved down the agenda, but it is upon us and although London’s place in the world might change, whatever the direction, our clients will remain global, will maintain global needs and we will stay global in our approach, through local knowledge, a diverse team, and, not least, our long-standing partnerships across the globe. Helping you build a reputation that lasts.

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