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Atom is the UK's first bank built for mobile and the first digital-only challenger bank to be granted a full UK regulatory license. 

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The Brief

Reinstating the disrupter spirit into Atom's reputation.

Lansons has assisted in handling external communications on behalf of Atom since it was granted its banking licence in 2015. Lansons oversaw the launch of the bank, communicating the appointment of the management and wider team, ongoing plans for Atom’s products and its corporate journey.

In November 2021, Lansons handled communications around Atom’s shift to a four day working week, for all employees, with no reduction in salary. We understood the importance of the announcement, with the ‘future of work’ being one of the big issues for businesses and wider society post pandemic. The objective was clear - to establish Atom as a leading progressive business pioneering the future of work for its employees.

Positioning Atom as an innovative fintech and a progressive employer.

To get cut through with media, we led with the angle that Atom was the largest company in the UK, and the first bank, to make the change, and developed further messaging focusing on the importance of supporting employee wellbeing, the prospect of improved productivity and business performance, and the importance of allowing workers to live and work sustainably and flexibly, in light of the impact of Covid-19.

The announcement generated significant interest with Atom featuring prominently across national and international print and broadcast titles. Lansons continues to use Atom’s positive performance metrics to showcase the success of the new working structure and encourage other businesses to rethink how they work. As a result of the campaign Atom is firmly positioned at the forefront of the debate around the four day week and future of work generally and has benefited from a significant increase of inbound applications in a highly competitive job market.

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