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The Royal Mint the home of precious metals Lansons

The Royal Mint

The United Kingdom's oldest company and the official maker of British coins, The Royal Mint has an illustrious history dating back to the year 886 and the reign of Henry VII. Today, The Royal Mint is the world's leading export mint and a global leader in precious metals.

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Working together

Reinventing The Royal Mint as the home of precious metals and future leader in the circular economy.

Lansons worked with long-standing client The Royal Mint in 2021 to help it announce pioneering new technology which enables it to recover and recycle gold and other precious metals from discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops. The technology represents a significant milestone in The Royal Mint’s reinvention which will provide a source of high-quality, sustainable precious metals while offering a solution to the growing challenge posed by electronic waste, the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. Our challenge was to bring the story to life and highlight its vast potential in priority national, international and specialist media.

We developed a high impact media strategy in the lead up to COP26 which was complemented by bold and striking visual assets including B-Roll of the technology in action. In a crowded news week, the announcement generated over 500 pieces of coverage across national and international broadcast, print, online and industry trade press. Coverage captured the scale The Royal Mint’s ambition and the potential of the technology to reduce the impact of electronic waste, preserve precious commodities and forge important new skills. Crucially, it also helped lay the foundation for The Royal Mint’s reinvention as the home of precious metals in the UK and a future leader in the circular economy.


Helping to coin history.

With a history spanning more than 1,100 years, The Royal Mint is embedded in British history, and no more so than at the unveiling of the official coin effigy of His Majesty King Charles III. Lansons was brought in by The Royal Mint in 2022 to ensure this historically and culturally significant announcement was a success.

Working in close collaboration with The Royal Mint team, we planned and delivered a high impact national and international media launch strategy, designed to ensure that the image and story behind the coin were carried in media worldwide.

The launch was an instant success. The historic story achieved significant front of paper coverage in all UK print titles, accompanied by blanket radio and TV coverage in UK and international media. Social media domination ensued too with the image of the coin being shared far and wide. The Royal Mint, with its focus on craftmanship and heritage was central to the story.

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