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Launched in 2016, Wealthify is a digital investment and savings platform, owned by Aviva, which aims to inspire anyone to build their future wealth.

The brief

Demonstrate Wealthify’s purpose in action: Starting with the next gen…

Wealthify exists to inspire anyone to build their future wealth. But not everyone has the tools, or skills to do this - especially young people. More than 50% of children in the UK say they have not received financial education, despite it being on the national curriculum for nearly ten years. We set about how Wealthify could reach and engage this cohort, and the ‘Future Skills’ campaign was born. A multi-year, educational campaign with the long-term aim of boosting financial literacy in the UK.

The approach

Shifting the base line on financial literacy

With insight from secondary school teachers in hand, the campaign was designed to target 16–18-year-olds on the cusp of financial independence; many of which were also among the first to be eligible for Government Child Trust Funds (CTFs). This created a unique opportunity to motivate young people to engage with money and financial choices.

To establish the scale of the challenge, we partnered with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), to develop a first-of-its-kind Financial Literacy Benchmark which revealed the low levels of financial skills amongst young people, and across the UK.

In response, we created ‘Future Skills’ – a bounty of original and entertaining teaching resources, designed specifically for teenagers. Working with TikTok stars, Maddie Grace Jepson and Kyron Hamilton, a flagship video series (produced in our studios) was accompanied by teaching plans for use in the classroom.

The outcome

PAPER. BREAD. GUAP. MONEY. Whatever you call it

In its first year, the campaign reached almost 100,000 secondary school teachers and surpassed all industry benchmarks. Widespread earned coverage in national media further amplified the message to parents and teachers, while our partnerships with the TikTok influencers helped engage younger audiences directly.

Future Skills is a purpose-driven, long-term campaign. Stay tuned for what’s coming next…

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